This year, the FBI National Academy Associates is searching for one (1) Counselor from Section 1 and two (2) Counselors from Section 3 for the 2019 session of the Youth Leadership Program (YLP).   

YLP Session #21 is scheduled from June 20, 2019 thru June 28, 2019 and will require full time participation from the newly selected Counselor during that time-frame.  Staff will be required to be on site June 18, 2019 through June 29, 2019.  Some additional off-site time commitment will also be required for preparation prior to the start of the session.  Also, any interested candidate should recognize that a four year commitment to the YLP Program is expected.

While YLP is in session, Counselors are required to be on duty at 0500 hours with lights out for the students typically occurring at 2130 hours after which the Staff remains on duty, holds nightly debriefing meetings and secures the dormitory floor.

Duties for the selected candidate include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Teach a two/four hour course on a related program topic (to be determined)

  • Serve as a student counselor for seven to eight students

  • Participate in and facilitate in an early morning physical fitness program

  • Take photos to historically capture the session 

The Counselor position requires that candidates must:

  • Possess, at a minimum, a bachelor's degree in a related field

  • Be a National Academy Graduate or former FBI NA Counselor

  • Be an active member in good standing with the FBI National Academy Associates

Nominations must be made through the applicant's Chapter. Individuals interested in being considered for this Counselor position must file a letter of interest, Curriculum Vitae or Resume and letters of support to their Chapter President no later than November 30, 2018. Chapter Presidents upon review of applications from their chapter, shall nominate two (2) candidate to the Section 1 Representatives and four (4) candidates to the Section 3 Representative by December 7, 2018.

Section 1 Representative - Tim Braniff - 

Section 3 Representative - Grady Sanford -

By December 14, 2018, Section 1 and 3 Representatives will forward the nominations to:

Randy Henderson, 2018/19 YLP Committee Chair -

Joe Hellebrand, 2018/19 YLP Co-Chair -

The successful applicant will be notified on or before February 1, 2019. YLP Counselors are limited to a four year term to permit rotation of counselors while ensuring that succession planning is carried out.

Anyone with questions about the selection process may contact me or their Section Representative. 


Randy Henderson

FBI National Academy Associates

2018/19 YLP Committee Chair 

Chapter Chat for the Alaska Chapter By Shirley A. Coté, President (Session #164)

The Alaska Chapter Board of Directors is appreciative of the efforts of the National Office’s John Kennedy, Director of Education and Training and Joe Collins, Co-chair of the Officer Safety and Wellness Committee for working diligently with us to bring the Comprehensive Officer Resiliency Train-the-Trainer program to Alaska. Eighteen trainers from around the state from various agencies came together at the Anchorage Police Department Training Center to receive the team teaching from instructors Buddy Johnson (Georgia), Ron Winegar (Idaho), Joe Collins (Wisconsin) and Vinny Greany (New York). The two and a half days of training has prepared our trainers to incorporate officer resiliency into the values of their departments, families, and communities. Two of our members, Tom Dunn (Session #253) and Joe Gamache (Session #272) joined 16 other troopers, officers, supervisors and commanders in preparing to share the vital knowledge toward improving the quality of life in Alaska. Joe set up a group email and several trainers are already reporting using the lessons learned.

Thank you to Motorola, Acadia Healthcare, Alaska Police Standards Council, Department of Public Safety, Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police, Anchorage Police Department and our Alaska Chapter for the financial assistance in making this happen. A special thanks to our Vice President of the Southcentral Region and Training Committee Chair, Barry Wilson (Session # 244) for helping me to spearhead and host this valuable training.

 Buddy Johnson (Ses. # 244), Ron Winegar (Ses. # 264), Joe Collins (Ses. #236), Vinny Greany (Ses. # 240)

Buddy Johnson (Ses. # 244), Ron Winegar (Ses. # 264), Joe Collins (Ses. #236), Vinny Greany (Ses. # 240)

 Alaska Chapter Members Tom Dunn (second from left) and Joe Gamache (second from right)

Alaska Chapter Members Tom Dunn (second from left) and Joe Gamache (second from right)

Now that the officer resiliency training is wrapped up, our focus has turned fully to organizing the Executive Development Conference to be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Anchorage December 5-7, 2019. Our general membership meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 4th at 3:00 p.m. Go to our website for a schedule of events and presentations.

Although our space is limited we welcome members from outside Alaska to join us in our excellent training and networking. The theme for our annual Christmas party to be held on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn is “Space: The Final Frontier in the Last Frontier.” Wear your space clothes for a good time in between the serious and important training that will be delivered.

Elections will be held this year with Barry Wilson (Session # 244) running for the two-year term of President and Sean McGee (Session #202) running as the incumbent for his two-year term of Vice President of the Northern Region. Sean will also be the Alaska Chapter’s Youth Leadership Program Coordinator for 2019.

After being in Alaska for 42 years I am wrapping up and moving to Colorado, hopefully next summer. I could not have asked for a more successful law enforcement career than what I experienced in the great state of Alaska. I have enjoyed my many years of involvement in the Alaska Chapter, and I look forward to joining the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Chapter Chat Alaska Chapter July-August

By Shirley A. Coté - President

The Alaska Chapter was fortunate to be able to send three members to the National Conference in Quebec City in July. Lt. Brian Wassmann, Alaska State Troopers (AST) was selected as our member for this year to attend the conference. The Chapter was also able to send Vice Presidents Captain Barry Wilson and Lt. Chad Goeden both from AST. Lt. Wassmann said he appreciated the support from the Alaska Chapter to attend the conference. He related that he had a wonderful time catching up with classmates and meeting quite a few other graduates. He and his wife spent quite a bit of time walking around the area and they enjoyed the European feel to the Canadian city.

Lt. Wassmann said he had the opportunity to attend many informative sessions. One in particular on social media piqued his interest. He said it was very interesting to see how many agencies are using twitter feeds to update the public on law enforcement issues, request information and respond to emergent issues trending on social media. Police can get ahead of negative information and direct narratives toward more accuracy.

Captain Wilson is the training chair for the Alaska Chapter. He reported having the chance to meet people he had recently spoken with on the phone and over email regarding the Comprehensive Officer Resiliency Program, and other training possibilities for Alaska. He said the conference was well worth his time to attend. The Quebec City did an excellent job with impressive attendance.

 Alaska State Troopers graduates and Alaska Chapter members, Lt. Brian Wassmann (Session #265), Lt. Chad Goeden (Session #266) and Captain Barry Wilson (Session #244)

Alaska State Troopers graduates and Alaska Chapter members, Lt. Brian Wassmann (Session #265), Lt. Chad Goeden (Session #266) and Captain Barry Wilson (Session #244)

Lt. Goeden said the conference was a great way for him to see old classmates, reconnect with other FBINAA members from around Alaska, and visit beautiful Quebec City. Lt. Goeden is the commander for the Department of Public Safety Training Academy and as a result of meeting with some of the vendors he has purchased new fitness analysis equipment, and he is looking at purchasing other training equipment as well. Lt. Goeden said that as the membership committee chair, it was also helpful to meet with the membership folks at the national level and appreciates being able to a face with a name.

 Lt. Chad Goeden (Session #266) and his wife, Kelly. Both were appreciative of the opportunity to attend the National Conference and visit beautiful Quebec City.

Lt. Chad Goeden (Session #266) and his wife, Kelly. Both were appreciative of the opportunity to attend the National Conference and visit beautiful Quebec City.

On August 7, 2018 FBI Director Christopher Wray visited Alaska. He met with many top level administrators and law enforcement officials to talk about the FBI and the efforts to combat crime with their many partners. He said he was impressed by how closely the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies work together in Alaska. It is something of which we are very proud.

 Director Wray and President of the Alaska Chapter, Shirley Coté (Session #164.

Director Wray and President of the Alaska Chapter, Shirley Coté (Session #164.

 Shirley giving Director Wray pieces of Alaskan art – a billiken, Alaska’s good luck charm, and a soapstone, caribou bone and pheasant feathered wedding dancer.

Shirley giving Director Wray pieces of Alaskan art – a billiken, Alaska’s good luck charm, and a soapstone, caribou bone and pheasant feathered wedding dancer.

On August 8, 2018 the Anchorage field office of the FBI threw a going away party for SAC Marlin Ritzman and his wife, Juliette who also worked in the office. Mr. Ritzman was promoted to the records section and they are moving back east. Mr. Ritzman was an active member of the Alaska Chapter. He participated in all our general membership meetings, many of our executive board meetings, and all our functions. His support was phenomenal. President Shirley Coté presented Mr. Ritzman with an engraved Alaska goldpan. He will be truly missed and we wish him great luck in his new position.

 Mr. Ritzman and just a few of the friends he made in his two short years in Alaska.

Mr. Ritzman and just a few of the friends he made in his two short years in Alaska.

The Training Committee, led by Captain Barry Wilson has begun their work in organizing their annual re-training. The Executive Development Conference will be held December 5-7, 2018 in Anchorage. We welcome anyone who wishes to attend, understanding we have a capacity of 100 seats. Registration will begin in October.

Job Announcement - Director of Alaska High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (Alaska HIDTA)



Job Title: AK HIDTA Director (PCN 12T011) Closing Date: 10/17/18 05:00 PM

The Alaska High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (Alaska HIDTA) Executive Board is soliciting applications for the position of Director - Alaska HIDTA. This position is a management level position with programmatic responsibility over the operations of the Alaska HIDTA, its various initiatives and management staff.

More information on the position is available via this link.

Please note, the listing closes on 10/17/2018 at 5:00 PM Alaska.

Chapter Chat - May through June, 2018

Chapter Chat for the Alaska Chapter by Shirley A. Coté, President (Session #164)

Waqaa! (Hello in Yupik) from the Alaska Chapter. Our Secretary/Treasurer, Captain Andrew Merrill, Alaska State Troopers (Session #257) and I were fortunate to have been able to attend the FBI National Academy Associates’ Chapter Officers’ meeting at Quantico March 5-8, 2018. We found the meetings to be well-structured and informative. Thank you to President Scott Dumas and the National Board for your presentations and demonstrated excellent leadership and support of the Chapters. Thank you to Executive Director Howard Cook, also for his excellent leadership, and to his friendly, helpful, and competent Staff. 

Andrew and I brought back many good ideas and important information to our Executive Board. The willingness to share by other chapter officers, along with the leadership of President Dumas, Section I Representative Braniff, Executive Director Cook, and the rest of the board and staff recharged my energy to build upon our extremely high level of excellence, professionalism, and communications. 

Andrew and I appreciated and seized the opportunity to meet with our two newest members of the chapter and graduates of Session #271 – Corey Rowley, Chief of Police for the Yakutat Borough Police Department and Lt. John McKinnon from the Anchorage Police Department. We had dinner at the Globe and Laurel and we had plenty of time to talk. We enjoyed hearing about their favorite classes and other experiences, and we’re looking forward to their involvement in our Chapter.

 Corey Rowley, Andrew Merrill, Shirley Coté, John McKinnon

Corey Rowley, Andrew Merrill, Shirley Coté, John McKinnon

We are pleased to announce that our Chapter is a $1000 donor to the FBINAA Charitable Foundation. We support the mission of helping our brothers and sisters in law enforcement when they need help just as much as the people they are helping. We appreciate the presentation of Chairman Doug Muldoon and the commitment to expediently come to the aide of those least likely to ask for help. 

The bi-annual membership meeting will take place on May 7th starting at 3:00 p.m. in Fairbanks. We look forward to seeing our members from the Interior who cannot always make the annual meeting in Anchorage in December.  

We are pleased to be able to send three of our members to the National Conference in Quebec City. Two of our board members, Barry Wilson (Session #244) and Chad Goeden (Session #266) plan to attend along with another member, yet to be selected.

Chapter Chat - March through April 2018

 President Shirley Coté

President Shirley Coté

A Message from the President

My name is Shirley Coté (Session #164) and it is my pleasure to start the second year of a two-year term as the President of the Alaska Chapter. I announced the results of our election in the last edition of Chapter Chat, and I am committed to, and looking forward to working hard again this year with our very involved Executive Board. We meet once a month on the third Friday for about an hour to ensure we are all on track with the work that needs to be done from our committees. Vice President for Southcentral Region, Barry Wilson (Session #244) chairs the Training Committee; Vice President for Southeast Chad Goeden (Session #266) and Vice President Sean McGee (Session #202) co-chair the Constitution and Bylaws Committee; Chad chairs the Membership Committee; Sean chairs the Social Outreach Committee; and per our Bylaws I serve as a member on all committees. Secretary/Treasurer Andrew Merrill (Session #257) has already hit the ground running and is promoting the need for past members to pay their 2018 dues. We are a small chapter with a potential of about 150 members. We ended the year with about half that number, but through the efforts of Chad's Membership Committee, and Andrew who serves on the committee, we expect to increase that number. Chapter dues are $15.00.

Last year Fairbanks P.D. Deputy Chief Dan Welborn (Session #267) chaired the Fundraising Committee and he and I were hugely successful in obtaining donated prizes and funds in Fairbanks and Anchorage, respectively, in an effort to sell raffle tickets to support our training. In addition to Dan and I, members Lance Jamison-Ewers (Session #267), Greg Russell (Session #180), Chad Goeden, Barry Wilson, Maurice Hughes (Session #261), Sean McGee (Session #202), Mike Holman (Session #251), Jennifer Shockley (Session #263), Ed Mercer (Session #259), Tony April (Session #226), Bob Beasley (Session #194), Skip Coile (Session #163), Ronda Wallace (Session #250), and Dave Ross (Session #256) did a tremendous job in selling raffle tickets. We have an impressive commitment from our members to ensure our chapter continues to thrive and be beneficial to the members.

Our next membership meeting will be held in Fairbanks on May 7, 2018 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and all members plan to attend, to include our Past President, Terry Vrabec (Session #186) who now lives in Arizona. Terry has been very active with our board work. Once again this year, we will be selecting a member to attend the National Conference, which is being held in Quebec City. Our Training Committee Chair and Vice President Barry Wilson and I also plan to attend. We are looking forward to attending the training sessions and hope to contribute good information to the Training Committee upon our return. We are also looking forward to networking with our fellow National Academy graduates and members of the FBI NAA. 


 Marlin Ritzman Special Agent in Charge

Marlin Ritzman
Special Agent in Charge

In November 2017 I was contacted by Jennifer Watson, Member Services Manager for the FBI NAA. Jennifer requested feedback from the Alaska Chapter that could be presented to the National Board of Directors in consideration of Mr. Ritzman's application for membership. The members of the Alaska Chapter voted unanimously that Mr. Ritzman met the criteria and he was eventually approved by the National Board. We are proud to have Mr. Ritzman as a member as he has been deeply involved in the Alaska Chapter since his arrival as the Special Agent in Charge of FBI's Anchorage Division since March 10, 2016. Mr. Ritzman most recently served as Section Chief of Transnational Organized Crime-Western Hemisphere, Criminal Investigative Division. Mr. Ritzman entered on duty with the FBI in 1990. Following graduation from the FBI Academy, he was assigned to the Kansas City Division where he investigated organized crime and drug matters. 

In 1997 Mr. Ritzman transferred to the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) where he served as an Assault Team Leader until 2004. During Mr. Ritzman's tenure with HRT he completed multiple critical TDY assignments around the world to include: Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, and Yemen. 
In 2004 he transferred to the Jefferson City RA, Kansas City Division, where he worked a variety of violations with emphasis on violent crime and gang matters. In 2006 Mr. Ritzman was appointed Assistant Legal Attaché in Islamabad Pakistan where he worked significant counterterrorism and liaison matters, he served there until 2007. 

In November 2009, Mr. Ritzman was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and was transferred to Headquarters City, Kansas City Division where he supervised the Violent Crime Squad including, a Fugitive Task Force, and Child Exploitation Task Force. In August 2013 Mr. Ritzman was promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Kansas City Division where he managed all Criminal programs and the Administrative Branch. In July 2015 Mr. Ritzman was appointed as the Section Chief of Transnational Organized Crime- Western Hemisphere, Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters, where he was responsible for leading and overseeing programs involving Transnational Organized Crimes in the Western Hemisphere.

Mr. Ritzman is a certified SWAT Agent, and a Firearms and Police instructor. Mr. Ritzman is the recipient of the FBI's Shield of Bravery. Mr. Ritzman is a native of Nebraska and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nebraska in 1985. He served in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer for 5 years prior to joining the FBI. Mr. Ritzman is married to Juliette Ritzman, who also works for the FBI's Anchorage Division. Their two sons Austin and Garrett are serving as Infantry Officers in the United States Army.

 Director Michael Holman 

Director Michael Holman 

On January 31, 2018, Michael Holman (Session #251) retired from the Unalaska Department of Public Safety where he served since 1995. He rose through the ranks from patrol officer to patrol sergeant to deputy police chief and finally, Director. Prior to being hired in Unalaska, Mike he served in the Army as an air cavalry scout in the 82nd Airborne Division, and worked for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game while attending the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Director Holman attended the Alaska Law Enforcement Training Session #16 in Sitka, Alaska, and in 2012 he the FBI National Academy.  He holds an Advanced Police Certificate through the Alaska Police Standards Council; is a certified Police Instructor in multiple disciplines; and currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Public Administration degree through Ashford University.

Director Holman is an active member of the Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police.  He is involved with several AACOP committees that include the legislative committee, the bylaws and policy committee, and marijuana ad-hoc committee.  He has served as a committee chair, as a member of the board of directors, and in the fall of 2015 he was appointed to fill the vice president seat.  He is also an active member of the Aleutian Islands chapter of the Alaska Peace Officers Association, the Unalaska Fish & Game Advisory Committee, the Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Local Emergency Preparedness Committee, and is a vice president of the Ballyhoo Lions Club. 

In addition to being an active member of the AACOP, Director Holman is an active member of the FBI National Academy Associates, Alaska Chapter. He currently serves on the Selection Committee for the Youth Leadership Program for the Alaska. His daughter, Taylor was an attendee of the 17th session YLP in June 2015, prior to Director Holman's commitment to serve on the committee. Through Taylor's experience Director Holman clearly understands the value of the program in our young Alaskan attendees' lives. 

Mike and his family will remain in the state and will be moving from Unalaska to Palmer.


 Captain Anthony April

Captain Anthony April

Captain Anthony April (Session #226) from the Alaska State Troopers is very active in his community of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, aka "The Valley". Captain April is featured in a new book by authors Matthew Horace and Ron Harris entitled, "The Black and the Blue: A cop reveals the crimes and racism in America's law enforcement and the search for change." In the section dedicated to Captain April they talk about his upbringing in Miami and his rise to the rank of captain with the Alaska State Troopers.

Chapter Chat - November through December 2017

“Freezin for a Reason” Alaska Special Olympics Polar Plunge

FBINAA Alaska Chapter representing- Alaska State Troopers- Capt. Barry Wilson (not pictured), Session #244, Capt. Andrew Merrill, Session #257 (representing in the green NA PT shorts), Lt. Derek DeGraaf, Session #266 and Lt. Paul Fussey Session #269 (both in Black NA PT shorts), accompanied by State Fire Marshal Lloyd Nakano. “Freezin for a Reason” Alaska Special Olympics Polar Plunge fundraiser (this law enforcement partnership with Special Olympics raises more than $200,000 every year for Special Olympic athletes. 

Swearing In

On December 5, 2017, during the bi-annual membership meeting, Special Agent in Charge of the Anchorage Field Office of the FBI swore in the newly elected board members. Chad Goeden, Session #266 (left) ran for his seat again as the Vice President of the Southeast Region, Andrew Merrill Session #257 (middle) ran for Secretary/Treasurer after Bob Beasley, Session #194 decided not to run, and Barry Wilson, Session #244 (right) ran for his seat again as the Vice President of the Southcentral Region. Shirley A. Coté, President and Sean McGee, Vice President of the Northern Region have one year left in their terms. Terry Vrabec remains the Past President. 

Bob and Shirley

Bob Beasley, Session #194 was presented with a plaque of appreciation by President Shirley Coté, Session #164 for the past year as the Secretary/Treasurer. 


On December 7, 2017 Training Specialist Lacy Wolff and Lt. Melvin Allick from the Texas Department of Public Safety presented Executive S.H.I.E.L.D. – Strength and Honor in Everyday Leadership Decisions. We had altogether eight excellent presenters at the annual Executive Development Conference held at the Dimond Center Hotel December 6-8, 2017. We had 90 supervisors, commanders, and chiefs registered for the conference. Two came from outside the state – Greg Olson, Session #174 from Oregon and Bob Pence, SAC Retired and Active member from Colorado. 


Every year we hold our themed Christmas Party on the Thursday evening during the conference. This year the theme was “Back to the 80’s” and our costume winner was Ronda Wallace (left), Session #250. Ronda always participates in our parties and with all the gusto we expect from our members. Runners up were Morgan Warner and Zach Carbaugh. Morgan is Shirley’s daughter who helped in decorating and buying gifts for the party. She has been attending with Shirley for many years because it’s the best Christmas party in town! 

Chapter Chat - July-August 2017


Colonel Jim Cockrell, Session #195 has retired from the Alaska State Troopers to accept a position as Security Supervisor with Tesoro at the Kenai, Alaska refinery. Jim started his career with the Alaska State Troopers in 1983 and retired as a Major in 2004. He worked an additional three years under a federal grant and retired again in 2007. He spent six years in private security before his appointment as Colonel of the Alaska State Troopers in June 2013 and retired again in May 2017.  

Joe White.jpg

The City of Ketchikan has a new Police Chief as of May 2017.  Lt Joe White, Session #254 had served the city as the Acting Chief of Police since January when Chief Alan Bengaard, Session #206 retired. Joe attended the Alaska Law Enforcement Training Academy in 1995 and started his career with the Ketchikan Police Department in 1996. Joe is married to Natalie, and they have five children.

Steve Bear.jpg

Colonel Steve Bear, Session #219 has retired from the Alaska State Troopers. Steve started his career in 1990 and rose through the ranks serving in the Alaska Wildlife Troopers side of the agency. Steve and his wife Renee have five children. They will be moving to Washington State as Steve has been appointed the Chief of Law Enforcement with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Edwin Mercer.jpg

Juneau Police Department’s Deputy Chief Edwin Mercer, graduate of Session #259 took over the reins as the new Chief of Police at the end of July. He is a born and raised Alaskan from Sitka and started his law enforcement career in 1992 as a reserve officer for the Sitka Police Department until 1993 when he was offered a full time police officer position.  In 2000, Ed was hired by the Juneau Police Department.  For the next 17 years, he worked his way through the ranks as a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Deputy Chief.

Tony April.jpg

Alaska State Trooper Captain Tony April is a graduate of Session #226 and he is a member of the Alaska Chapter. Tony was recently elected National Parliamentarian for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE). Tony was also nominated, selected, and elevated to Illustrious Grand Inspector General aka 33rd and Last Degree of the Masons. Only 3% of Masons are nominated worldwide.


Tony and his comrades in the Masons did their civic duty by helping with Clean-up Day in Anchorage, specifically on their designated “Adopt A Road” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Tony is in the blue shirt on the right. 

Barry Wilson.jpg

Alaska State Trooper Captain Barry Wilson, graduate of Session #244 and current Southcentral Vice President of the Alaska Chapter was selected to represent Alaska law enforcement at the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, World Winter Games in Austria in March.

Torch Run.jpg

Captain Barry Wilson helped carry the flame of hope on the Final Leg of the Torch Run to the Opening Games of the World Winter Games for Special Olympics in Austria.  He along with 133 other law enforcement officers, many of whom were FBINA graduates, traveled across 2929 miles of Austria through 47 cities to the opening ceremonies. This effort not only showed the LEO commitment, but also the international outreach of FBINA and it graduates in supporting Special Olympics and positive initiatives for law enforcement.

Torch Run 2.jpg

The Law Enforcement Torch Run starting in Fairbanks. Organizer Alaska State Trooper Captain Barry Wilson is pictured second from the right. Fourteen communities across the State of Alaska all ran simultaneously in an effort to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics.

Torch Run 3.jpg
Torch run 4.jpg

Barry is providing much encouragement for the youth participating.

Torch Run 5.jpg

The Law Enforcement Torch Run in Ketchikan, Alaska. Our members, Chief of Police Joseph White (leaning on the trunk of the car) and Deputy Chief Josh Dossett (somewhere in the upper right) of the Ketchikan Police Department participated. Joe is a graduate of Session #254 and Josh is a graduate of Session #238. Josh serves on the Training Committee. 

Torch Run 6.jpg

Alaska State Trooper Chad Goeden, Commander of the State Trooper Training Academy, graduate of the Session #266 and current Southeast Vice President of the Alaska Chapter got his entire academy class involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. Chad is pictured on the far right.

Torch Run 7.jpg

Anchorage Police Department Chief Justin Doll, Session #260 on the right runs to the finish line along with Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. 

Chapter Chat - May-June 2017

Anchorage Police Department Captain Justin Doll will be sworn in as the new Chief of Police in June. Justin is a graduate of the 260th Session of the FBI National Academy. Justin is shown here being congratulated by FBI SAC Marlin Ritzman and FBI NAA, Alaska Chapter President Shirley Coté.

Justin Doll

Police Memorial Day was recognized in Anchorage on May 5, 2017. Members AST Colonel Jim Cockrell and APD Acting Deputy Chief Ken McCoy read the 68 names of the law enforcement officers who paid the ultimate price.

Police Memorial Day

Once again it was a sad year for Alaska to add another name to the monument in Anchorage and in Washington D.C. Sgt. Allen Brandt of the Fairbanks Police Department was shot in the line of duty on October 16, 2016 and died of complications during surgery on October 28, 2017, just four days after addressing the City Council and expressing his appreciation for their support of the police department. Member Brad Johnson, Deputy Chief of the Fairbanks Police Department gave a moving and powerful tribute to Sgt. Brandt’s life and his dedication to his family and his community.

DC Johnson

The Alaska Chapter Board of Directors held their bi-annual membership meeting at the State of Alaska Crime Detection Laboratory on May 3, 2017. Past President Terry Vrabec was sworn in by SAC Marlin Ritzman. The revised constitution and by-laws were approved and ideas were shared about training, fundraising, membership, and social outreach.

Chapter Meeting

Greg Francois, our member drawn to attend the National Conference in Washington D.C. in July was in attendance to express his appreciation and commitment to bring information back to the membership at the December meeting. President Shirley Coté pictured with Greg will also be attending the National Conference.

Greg Francois